Transform Your Health: Exercise, Diet & Wearables To Reduce High Blood Pressure & Weight

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Do you want to know how to Automate Your Fitness?

Welcome to the cool world of biohacking & wearables.


The days of exercising for the sake of it, following diets that don’t work for you and buying supplements endlessly are gone…

With smart technology it is possible to track & measure your blood pressure 24/7, your immune system, fitness, blood sugar, hormones, and much more.
All of these health systems are linked!

Did you can go to the gym and use smart kit that tells you how many reps, it selects the weight and you simply follow their plan.
Or you can do all your exercise from home using AI-driven apps that check your form, reps, tell you what to do…even measure your body fat!!

I’m Darren Pyefinch aged 49…..
changed my life around from being nearly 17 stones (106kg), dangerously high blood pressure 180/110, depressed, ADHD …

…to a health & fitness coach who races for Great Britain Age Group triathlon team and reviews the best wearables, supplements, tech & biohacks so that you can test and reduce your high blood pressure, weight, and start living again!

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Our mission is to provide people who are struggling with their high blood pressure & weight the tools to test, monitor and optimise their health & fitness

Our philosophy is to show real-world results for real people.
We will be transparent to make sure you understand that reducing high blood pressure & excess weight requires a strategy that involves changing your lifestyle, working with your doctor, testing different nutrition, exercise, supplements and sleep. There are no quick fixes and we don't advocate them.

We do have a really friendly community which is a safe space where we share ideas, technology, tips and help each other.

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