Fast, Effective Fat Reduction

Burn fat fast in just 9 minutes x 3 times a week and DOUBLE your fitness.

Burn fat fast in just 9 minutes 3 times a week

You’re a busy person. Your work life and your home life are pretty high-pressure. You never seem able to grab a spare moment for yourself – for your own self-care. Yet … you want to stay fit. More than that, you want to reach the best condition you can, and stay there. Is there an answer? Yes, there is!

I’d like you to meet CAR.O.L. CAR.O.L will be good for you – very good for you! Before you get the wrong idea, I should explain that CAR.O.L stands for CARdio-vascular Optimisation Logic. And CAR.O.L is an exercise bike – but she’s much more than that. CAR.O.L is revolutionary – an exercise bike like no other – and you can get to know her at our Wolverton Mill fitness studio.

Use CAR.O.L for 8 weeks, just three times a week, and expect to DOUBLE your fitness

CAR.O.L’s workouts are deceptively simple. During your workout lasting less than nine minutes, CAR.O.L will instruct, automate and guide you through two 20-second maximum intensity sprints. Either side of these, you’ll carry out gentle warm-ups, recovery and cool-down periods.

It’s as simple as that.

What’s the secret?

That’s the point – there isn’t one. During every session, CAR.O.L uses cutting edge AI technology to analyse your performance. She will automatically increase or decrease the resistance before every session to guarantee you get results. Your personalised account will track your progress, so you’ll be able to follow how fit you’re getting in real-time.

Survival of the fittest

The science bit!Using CAR.O.L makes you expenda sudden burst of energy. This causes your body to rapidly burn large amounts of muscular glycogen (sugar stores) within just 5-10 seconds. This signals a threat to your survival. A huge surge of other molecules come into play, making you fitter, leaner and healthier.

No stress – no sweating – no injuries

Join us at our The Body MOT Studio Wolverton Mill fitness studio and see for yourself how CAR.O.L works. See how the CAR.O.L bike burns more fat in 9 minutes than a 1-hour gym class – with no sweating and no injuries. Take a look at our video.

Ride safely with AI-optimised workouts made just for you

The beauty of CAR.O.L is that its system is personalised. Buy any ordinary exercise bike, and you get a machine that’s designed to be a one-size-fits-all bike. In fact, what can often happen is that it’s a one-size-fits-nobody!

CAR.O.L makes automatic adjustments to ensure that riders between 25 and 80 years old can exercise with complete confidence. The innovative AI technology even includes safety features like heart rate monitoring and ride alerts. CAR.O.L is safe

It’s time to meet CAR.O.L. at The Body MOT Studio

Are you one of those incredibly busy people? Are you someone who needs to keep fit, with a fast, effective technique? Do you demand a scientifically-backed fitness programme that will get you toned and in shape without wasting hours of your time? Then come along to the The Body MOT Studio Wolverton Mill studio. Come and meet CAR.O.L!

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