Don’t accept that age and / or your genes determine you should feel lousy anymore. It just may be hackable!

Hi, one of the first lessons you learn when testing software is that there are inputs into a system and expected outputs. For example; 2+3 in a calculator = 5

I used to think was that my health was the same. When you are trying to lose weight here’s the agreed equations:

1.      Good food into the body = no gut

2.      More exercise = fitter mind and body

Except these aren’t true for everyone… We are all different.

I ate good food but then was compelled to eat junk. I tried everything to stop it. Willpower, hypnosis, diets, everything. I then went into the classic binge/crash cycle.

I exercised like crazy. Competed for Great Britain Age Group triathlon 4 times. Beat some really, good athletes. Yet my gut wouldn’t go and worse, I felt absolutely, terrible. Constant headaches, feeling down, no energy. Then I piled all, of the weight back on!

This repeated and repeated.

There had to be a reason why this was happening.

Clearly this was Darwinian selection and I was doomed to be a middle-aged guy with a gut.

Except I don’t like being told no by anyone…

I decided to investigate and hack my health.

After significant testing of my body ‘hardware’ and mind ‘software’. I figured out how to hack this system for good.

I now feel so good it’s unreal. My weight is at its natural level.

My gut and moobs have vanished and I feel like I did in my 20’s.

If you want to feel great again, I may be able to help you.

Don’t accept that age and/or your genes determine you should feel lousy any more. It just may be hackable!!