How to get a faster time running

Hi, Here are some more tips on how to get a faster time in your running.

I would invite you to try a 400m intervals session once a week.

The purpose of this is to sharpen your speed up so you get used to running faster than you currently do.

Here are the steps

  1. Work out your max heart rate (MHR). I use a Garmin 910xt and a heart rate monitor. Loads of these 2nd hand on Ebay for £50.

Find a flat bit of pavement or ideally a track. Do a 5 min jog, then run as fast as you can for 4 mins starting slower and building to your max. My MHR is 185 bpm. See ref 1 below

  1. Work out 85% of your MHR. In my case, it’s 185 x 0.85 = 157
  2. Set your Garmin to custom intervals/then program this in

5 min warmup jog

400m at 85% MHR

2 min standing recovery

Repeat * 6

5 min cool down and static stretching

  1. Run and make sure you stay as close as you can to that 85% MHR during your intervals.

In the picture, you will see some green line peaks that look like shark’s teeth.  These are where I’ve done my 6 x 400m intervals.

They are my pace which averaged 3.30 min/k pace. My aim over the season will be to get that pace faster.

  1. Now you get out there and do it yourself. Let me know how you get on and if you like this please share this to your friends.