Keto Snacks

keto snacks

Do you know what the best keto snacks are?

On the image above there are several.

Let’s work through and see how well they rank.

        Before we talk about which food is the top keto snack let’s play safe. This is your health remember.

You gotta be very careful with what you read on the internet. There are lots of well-meaning coaches/PT’s/biohackers who simply repeat a lot of the same stuff about saturated fat. i.e eat it all day and you’ll go into ketosis and burn fat.

If only it were that simple…

The bit they all miss is that you must get your start point. What I mean by that is what is the state of your health.

If you have kidney /liver issues or your DNA are APOE 4/3 or 4/4 then hammering the saturated fat is really not gonna work. You must get tested first to se what state your body is in before you eat tonnes of saturated fat.

I would recommend you speak to a functional doc and get blood/dna tests done first to see if .

Ok – so now you’ve done that and they’ve given you the all-clear what’s the best keto snack?

1. Olives

The reason they get my vote is that they are monounsaturated fat. This is much kinder to you liver/kidney and won’t raise your LDL cholestorol. It’s actaully good for your heart and lowers your cholesterol – in moderation.
As I said earlier, well-meaning amateurs talk about saturates being the perfect food. I know from personal experience that they can cause havoc with your blood pressure due to the cholesterol.

I use a really cool wearable called an Aktilia that measures my blood pressure very accurately and is recommended by one of the UK’s top blood pressure doctors in London.

2. Avocado

These are a mixture of fats but are predominantly monounsaturated fat.

See the great article below from the Briitsh Heart Foundation,known%20sources%20of%20monounsaturated%20fats.

It’s my number 2 for exactly the same reason as above.

3. Minced Beef

I make a big wok of 20% minced beef  cooked in rapeseed oil, then i throw in a tonne of frozen green veg (green beans, spinach, cabbage, etc)

I then proceed to have little bowls of this all day and it keeps me really full. The beef has 55g of  saturated fat in 500g used. Split between 4-6 small bowls though it’s actually quite a small amount. The rapeseed oil is a mix of mono & good -quality poly fat.


These are my top 3 keto snacks.


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