How a tech revolution can help you lose that weight

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Online personal training allows you to follow a science-based daily nutrition plan to lose that weight

Online personal training often uses an app to coach people with.

At the Body MOT Studio we do this too – because it works.

We all live on our phones and it’s normal for most of us to respond to that beep or notification.

You could argue that this can be intrusive but we believe in moderation and if used for good this is definitely an advancement for the human race.

‘Logging a picture of your food in a group with friendly non-judgemental people gives you a nice dopamine hit’

How do we know this?

We’ve tested every piece of software out there. MyFitnessPal, FatSecret etc. The problem with those is that people often get the portion sizes wrong, or worse still, they stop logging due to boredom.

The beauty of logging a picture in a group is that you’re all in it together. 

We did a very interesting test.

It was all tested in a Whatsapp group. Members were invited to join with a promise they had to make to join.

‘”Are you prepared to post a pic of your breakfast, lunch and evening meal every day?”

If they said “Yes” then they’d be allowed in.

Over the next 4 weeks we started liking the pic of the meal. The group started to bond and there was a genuine energy in there.

From Week 2 we commneted on the quality of the meal for example “30g of protein the chicken breast plus 40g starchy carbs in the rice & 15g simple crbs in the green veg”

On a Friday evening several people messaged us offline saying they’d had pizza/Indian but didn’t want to log it publicly. We urged them to post it anyway because it was their reality and more importantly it is totally normal to have a bit of naughty food at the weekend.

The group understood that due to the non-judgement it was a safe space.

Week 3 we did a poll asking the group if they’d like a grading system 0 = no log, 1 = low nutrition meal, 2= moderate nutrition, 3 = nutritious, right meal for time of day and appropriate portion 

Notice that the only way you can ‘fail’ is by not logging.

At the end of the experiment overall logging ranged from 40 to 80%. This is extermely high for a group of people thrown together.


What’s the Takeaway? ;0)

Will it help me lose that weight?



“People thrive on social connection”

We’re essentially pack animals and want to feel part of something.

We found that using this technique in an app we built that people can get better results because they have daily tasks to log their food. Once they see what other people eat they up their game naturally.

Our app also uses the same approach to exercise. It asks the users to log their walking via Strava (a fitness app)

Combining all of the good habits that a fit healthy person normally does gets people to their goals way faster than simply going to the gym for 2 hours a week and hoping it all works.

Check in daily to lose that weight

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