Choose a Milton Keynes Personal Trainer

Are you struggling to get into shape?

Do you need someone to help you know what to do?

When I was 16.5 stones and had collapsed at work I was told by my doc to “go to the gym”…

…I went to the gym but was totally lost and worse still saw no tangible results…

I started on the treadmill for 20 mins, picked some random machines and then looked at my watch wondering when it was ok to go home…

… I plucked up the courage to speak to a personal trainer and it changed everything.

He showed me how to use the kit, what exercise was appropriate for my condition & age…and most importantly what burns fat…

…I decided to change my career and become a personal trainer too.

I became a nutrition coach, hypnotherapist and hormone specialist tester.

With this knowledge, I now help people as a Milton Keynes personal trainer.

I work from The Old Bath House, Wolverton, Milton Keynes (next to Tesco) where first we have a chat to see what you would like.

Secondly, we do the Body MOT test to see what your starting point is.

How much fat, muscle, and bone % are you?

What is your chronic inflammation level?

What is your Cortisol hormone level? (abnormal levels mean you won’t burn fat)

You’ll receive a report and then we identify how long the plan will be.

Then you’re retested at monthly intervals to see the fat dropping and toning increase.


Automated fitness coaching

Why choose Automate My Fitness?


Q. What is different about Automate My Fitness coaching?

A. You will always get a start point with us. It is essential that your body is tested to see what your composition is. The last thing you need to do is lose bone & muscle. We want you to burn as much fat as possible whilst keeping a healthy amount of bone & muscle. This will mean you age better and feel full of energy.

Q. What kind of training do you do?

A. You will be doing 1-hour training sessions at The Old Bath House, Stratford Road, Wolverton with Darren. This will consist of guided and age-appropriate weight training, cardio and nutrition coaching.

Q. I know a trainer who is cheaper.

A. In life there is a golden rule –  you get what you pay for.

Initially, we will never be the cheapest because we use a medical-grade kit to test your body and give accurate results.

Overall though when you start losing fat faster than other methods you’ll see that is a very cost-effective way because you won’t need us as long.

Q. How long does it take to get a result?

A. The truth is that it depends on how willing you are to commit.

Everybody is different but if you commit to 80% of the lifestyle changes that we recommend then you’ll soon be fitting into those favourite clothes you want to.


James's 10 week
life transformation

James was a 19-year-old footballer who unfortunately missed the cut with Milton Keynes Dons.

He had a 2nd chance though at his professional footballer dream with Savannah in U.S.

The problem was he had to bulk up muscle and drop below 21 min for 5k – in just 10 weeks!

We tested his fitness, muscle/fat and then built a plan to get him there.

He trained 5 days a week on muscle build, and running and in week 8 he achieved his goal.

He now plays professional football for Savannah and in 22/23 season he hit 16 goals and was the club’s top scorer!

Imagine what you could do if you dared to dream?

body transformation

Matt used to be a promising rugby player but unfortunately got injured.

He gained a lot of weight and was struggling.

Through weekly testing, personal training and nutrition guidance he lost 21kg of fat (3 stones!!!)

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