Do you want to know how to drop up to 1 stones (7kg) of fat and regain energy in 6 weeks?...
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…Without Doing Slimming World, Weightwatchers, feeling lost in the gym, 72 Hour Fasts, Cravings & Feeling Exhausted…Etc

I used to weigh nearly 17 stones (106kg), smoked 40 a day, weekend binge drinker, junk food addict...

...I spent £10,000's on personal trainers, supplements, diets, biohacks to get myself in shape.

I now race for Great Britain Age Group triathlon team.Now I'm a online personal trainer helping the over 30's get into top shape too - without spending £10,000's and wasting time like I did!

The 6 week path to lasting success

Week 1 - Exercise that works for over 30's

Your week will be planned out so you know exactly what to do

Week 2 - Nutrition for over 30's

Your food is assessed for nutritional value & ease to prep

Week 3 - Lifestyle Hacks for over 30's

We'll tell you what can help you reset your hormone balance so you start burning fat and feeling good

Week 4 - Motivation and support

What has stopped you in the past doesn't need to stop you now

Week 5 - Supplements that actually work

95% of them are a waste of money...but 5% are amazing!

Week 6 - Learn how to use wearables & Tech

Understand why they are so important for professionals like you

1:43 half marathon runner - lost nearly 4 stones!!!

life transformation

Mark used to train in a mainstream gym but wasn’t getting much results.

He went from 101kg down to 72kg – a massive 29kg drop (nearly 4 stones)

He learned how to eat for fat loss, what exercise to do for the over 55’s IT professional. 

He recently did a 1:43 half marathon and was close to best for age

This could be you…


James's 10 week
life transformation

James was a 19-year-old footballer who unfortunately missed the cut with Milton Keynes Dons.

He had a 2nd chance though at his professional footballer dream with Savannah in U.S.

The problem was he had to bulk up muscle and drop below 21 min for 5k – in just 10 weeks!

We tested his fitness, muscle/fat and then built a plan to get him there.

He trained 5 days a week on muscle build, and running and in week 8 he achieved his goal.

He now plays professional football for Savannah and in 22/23 season he hit 16 goals and was the club’s top scorer!

Imagine what you could do if you dared to dream?

body transformation

Jo spoke to us when she struggled to lose weight.

She tried lots of different programmes but couldn’t get into shape.

Through weekly testing, personal training and nutrition guidance she lost 12kg of fat (nearly 2 stones!!!)


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