Personal Online Trainer

Having a personal online trainer became a big thing during the pandemic for obvious reasons.

Whilst some people prefer doing 1-2-1 sessions, this online approach is actually a better solution for many.

At Automate My Fitness we tested so many different models but there’s what we decided worked the best – based on actual client results data.

Step 1
Get yourself tested in our studio

We are different to every gym and coach out there.

The reason is that we test you first.

We test your body using our Body MOT.

This non-invasive test measures your muscle, bone, fat, water, Cortisol hormone (HPA Axis), chronic inflammation.

We then test your metabolism to see exactly how many calories you’re burning and if you’re even burning fat or not.

Once we have this information we build a plan to make sure you increase muscle mass, drop fat and feel full of energy

Then we telll you exactly what exerises to do either in your local gym or one that we research and recommend for you.

Then we provide what is actually the main secret sauce to maintaining any fitness/nutrition programme…mindset.

Step 2: Identifying and managing your unconcious beliefs

mindset stopping client believing

We’ve worked with over 1500 clients and you can see very clear patterns with the ones who got results.

Put simply…

The ones who succeeded – believed they could do it.

The ones who didn’t get a result – didn’t believe they could do it.

We did market research and found that people who left had on average also left at least 4 other gyms, fitness programmes and diets!

Does that mean that all of those proven approaches don’t work?

Of course not.

Does it mean that those people were doomed to fail on any approach?

Actually yes.

We were not happy that this effectively wrote off those clients so we went back to school and learned why.

We enlisted the help of a top mindset coach who has worked with many business leaders and sportspeople. Put simply she identified that we needed to work with the client to see what unconscious beliefs they had.

Some people have beliefs that when asked to stick to. certain protein level of 40g per meal for example have a belief that this is wrong.

Despite many scientific studies by dieticians their unconscious refused to let them do it.

The unconscious has one job – to keep you safe. If it is presented with beliefs that are contrary then they simply stop you changing.

No wonder people can’t commit.

Through working with the mindset coach though clients can start to see these beliefs for what they are and then work around them.

This revolutionary approach is now the hottest method in coaching enabling people to completely transform their lives.

Step 3: Book a free consultation and start your transformation


James's 10 week
life transformation

James was a 19-year-old footballer who unfortunately missed the cut with Milton Keynes Dons.

He had a 2nd chance though at his professional footballer dream with Savannah in U.S.

The problem was he had to bulk up muscle and drop below 21 min for 5k – in just 10 weeks!

We tested his fitness, muscle/fat and then built a plan to get him there.

He trained 5 days a week on muscle build, and running and in week 8 he achieved his goal.

He now plays professional football for Savannah and in 22/23 season he hit 16 goals and was the club’s top scorer!

Imagine what you could do if you dared to dream?

body transformation

Matt used to be a promising rugby player but unfortunately got injured.

He gained a lot of weight and was struggling.

Through weekly testing, personal training and nutrition guidance he lost 21kg of fat (3 stones!!!)