Smash your running target – fast!

A faster, better, holistic approach to running fitness

How do you feel about your running?

Have you watched others enjoying the Park Run and would love to have a go yourself?

Are you a seasoned Park Runner – but you want to push on to faster times?

Are you struggling to keep the weight off and would like to give running a try?

Do you feel tired, lethargic and out of sorts?

Does running give you soreness, aches and pains?

Is your mood low after a big run?

A lot of questions – but they highlight the most common problems that clients ask us for help with. One of the difficulties with running is that there are so many people who claim to have the answers. It might be a so-called fitness expert who claims they can wave a magic wand. It might be that bloke you met down the pub. The world is full of people who think they have the answer to your running problem.

Have you heard some of these claims?

“You need to run at least 50k a week!”

“It’s simple. Do sprints, then a long slow run and then a tempo run!”

“Download a free training plan off Google for nothing.”

“Carb load the night before.”

“You need protein drinks. They’ll do the trick.”

Have you tried any of them? How did you get on? It’s possible that there’s a grain of truth in each of those claims, but on their own, they’re pretty worthless. There are so many factors that can affect your running performance; it’s usually a waste of time to narrow it down to one or two. The reality is that age, experience, diet, technique, pre-existing conditions all play their part, but the over-riding factor that makes the biggest difference of all to your running performance is …


… or lack of It.

You need an all-round approach that works for you, not for other people. And this is the whole point. You are unique, so the solution to smashing your running performance will be unique too. You need a tailor-made solution that takes into account all the relevant factors. We have helped hundreds of people run faster – from 5k up to marathons!

Here are a few examples:

  • Mike, aged 67, went from a 35-minute 5k runner to sub-30.
  • Matt was an ex-rugby player who was injured. He had never run over 400metres. Now he’s a sub-28 minute 5k runner.
  • John started at 23 min for a 5k, and now he runs an impressive sub-19 minute 5k
  • Sam had become fed up with running. For years, she’d felt tired, ill and bored with her endless mileage. But now – after following our programme, Sam has started running marathons again … and she’s loving it!

How we help – We offer coaching online and 1-2-1 – whichever suits you best.

We work with you to analyse

  • your goals
  • your lifestyle
  • your current condition
  • your weight-loss needs
  • your muscle mass
  • your diet

We then devise a tailor-made programme that will get you into shape and send your energy levels soaring – all backed by solid science rather than mindless trial and error.

Our approach to run coaching will, in the long run, save you money.

We’ll get you to where you want to be quickly and safely, with no need to splash out on expensive equipment or supplements. You’re much more likely to avoid injury, so you’ll save on physiotherapy too.

It’s time to take the first step towards running fitness. Call for an appointment.

At Automate My Fitness, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an expert running coach – with specialist guidance, programmes and equipment that will help you to lose weight, boost your muscle, burn fat and improve your nutrition.

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