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If you’ve never run a step in your adult life…

Even if you’ve never run a step before, are overweight, but fancy giving running a go, come and talk to us. We’ll offer you a range of run coaching programmes, each designed specifically for you and your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build your strength, improve your running speed or compete in a race – whatever distance. Because running is our ‘thing’.

We’ll support you with guidance on exercise and nutrition. We want you, not to just follow the plan, but to understand what’s behind it–to have the right mindset and motivation to make sure you succeed. Of course, many running coaches peddle the same familiar story.

“You must run more than 50k a week!”
“It’s simple. Do sprints, then long slow run and a tempo run!”
“Download a run plan off Google for nothing”
“Carb load the night before”
“Just take lots of gels – that’ll make you faster”

Here’s the truth about successful running

Age, sex, experience, diet, technique, pre-existing conditions – these all matter. But there’s one factor that overrides all these – your ENERGY – lack of it. You need a programme that optimises your energy. One that works for you, not other people. We’ve helped hundreds of people to run faster, from 5k up to marathons, with a smile on their faces!


Darren Pyefinch Team GB Duathlon

Milton Keynes and online running coaching

Do you live in Milton Keynes? Great – we can have one-on-one run coaching. Do you live further afield? That’s fine. Wherever you live, we’ll work together online. Using Zoom, our comprehensive online running coaching programme will help you get into shape in no time – sending your energy soaring, leaving you looking good, feeling good and running great!

We’ll achieve this using the evidence of solid science, rather than mindless trial and error. We’ll check your running posture, your gait, your style. We’ll analyse your running style and advise you as to the best way to avoid injury. If you like, we can combine your running coaching with:

  • A weight loss programme
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Online or face-to-face personal training

Sustainable run coaching

You’ll find that working with Darren is enjoyable. He understands the psychology of exercise and fitness. He understands motivation too. He’s been there himself and even competed in the World Duathlon Championships for Team GB.

In the long run, working with The Body MOT Studio will cost you less. Together we’ll get you where you want to be – safely. Our run coaching programmes are sustainable. Stick with us and you’ll stick with the plan!

There’s no better time to turn around your approach to running. In a matter of a week or two, you’ll be seeing and feeling the difference. Just imagine how great that will feel! So – get in touch. Let’s talk about how you’re feeling now and where you want to get to with your running ambitions.

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