Best High Blood Pressure Wearable

Best High Blood Pressure Wearable

High Blood Pressure Wearables only arrived in 2023 to the market. These are really a game changer for you to monitor your blood pressure accurately. Previously you had to either rely on your annual doctor check-up or buy a cuff-based monitor at test at home.


The problem with both of these is that they rely on you taking your readings accurately and consistently. 

Humans are usually neither so often didn’t commit.

Currently there is only one serious contender in this category but keep watching this article for contenders that come along.


The Aktiia is a seriously cool piece of kit which i received for my 48th birthday back in Jan 23.

Whilst I had managed to hack my weight, health and many other areas of my life my blood pressure was still out of control.


You wear this gadget on your wrist and calibrate it to an accreditated cuff-monitor. You then simply check your app whenever you like to see what your BP is.

The reason this is so cool is that you can what actually affects your BP including medication, alcohol, junk food, stress, lack of sleep etc.


More importantly you can test your body by eliminating the problems until eventually you have pretty good BP.

I went down from 151/99 average down to 129/78 now in Apr 24.


I cannot recommend this gadget highly enough and hope some of the 6.5 million people in the UK with high blood pressure try it too.

At A Glance:
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Check out a couple of cool videos about how I dropped my blood pressure….,

I found that stopping alcohol made a huge difference to my overall blood pressure, physical health, weight and mental health. Maybe you could try it too..

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